Monday, 6 August 2007

This is terrible news!! I need a drink...

Just watched the ABC news. Apparently 2 million Australians are giving themselves brain damage by drinking too much. Based on the reliable evidence of my family and friends, I'd say that's a wholly accurate and possibly conservative estimate.

The news' example was a guy who used to drink a bottle of vodka and a slab of beer a day. Apparently this gave him brain damage.

No fucking kidding.

Yeah, he's a great example. Surely no one ever thought that a bottle of spirits and a shitload of beer daily might be doing them that kinda harm. I mean, you'd have thought the liver damage would've knocked you off the perch way before then!

The point of this study is that you may not realise how little alcohol it takes to inflict such a negative impact upon your brain funtion. 6 bevvies daily for the blokes (therefore my last beau was and is likely suffering brain damage *restrains self from commenting further upon this*), and only 3 for us ladies.

As the papers have noted: More than 200,000 Australians are living with undiagnosed permanent brain damage caused by drinking alcohol.

Quite a low number really considering a significant percentage of that would be my mother's side of the family. (Hey, this new study explains a lot...)

Anyway, after the news was 7.30 Report getting all excited about how much teenagers are drinking. As if this is NEWS.
AND they're going to parties where alcohol is available. No! Really?!

I'm not sure I see what has changed in the last 15 to 18 years since I was a teen and took vodka to school in my lunchbox.


PS - In case you're concerned for my brain these days, *wipes drool from chin* although some damage may have occurred during my younger years (really, the acid concerns me more than my frequent imbibing of Southern Comfort), today I only allow a moderate amount of alcohol to pass between these lips and only once or twice a week at that.

*pats self on head*

PPS - I've had a bit of a shitty day, so today is one of those days. (But I've added lime juice to my vodka, so it's pretty healthy really...)

*pats self on head again*

*feels dizzy*

*wipes more drool from chin*

*decides to stop patting head*

*lies down*