Monday, 25 June 2007

Another quiz - another blonde...

Is the universe trying to tell me something?

Took a quiz to discover who my alter ego is in Grey’s Anatomy (a show I used to think was drivel, but have recently been watching - now I think it’s drivel 50% of the time and only care it’s drivel 10% of the time).

Izzie Stevens.

Yes, another damn blonde.

First quiz: Supergirl, blonde.
Second quiz (thanx Killerrabbit): Buttercup in Princess Bride, blonde.
Third: Izzie, blonde.

Tsk. Obviously I have an inner blonde just screaming to get out. My true nature has been revealed!!! (BTW I have absolutely nothing against blondes. I have been blonde myself once or twice - and maybe it was more fun... It seemed to attract guys who like bright shiny objects however.) speaking of which...

Whoops!!! Now where did that picture come from!!? ... Oh well...