Saturday, 23 June 2007

Mellow Melancholia on a rainy day

[Wow, it's just a posting frenzy today! 3 and counting! Next I'll be throwing in free steak knives...! Well, I could give you mine, but I don't have any: mastication is over-rated... yeah... and that too.]

It’s a bit of a stormy day. Much gusting of winds and intermittent lashings of rainfall.

Am watching gutsy mudlarks chasing crows about outside my window. Additional mudlarks are having a go at a magpie, just hovering above it flapping madly while said maggie serenely ignores it.

One of the crows is dropping some crusty scrap of ‘food’ into my bird bath. I don’t know if it’s the same one doing this all the time, ‘he’ often brings dried-up scraps of bread, etc, which he has likely found in the golf course over the way, and dips them for pre-digestion softening. Just means I have to change the water a bit more often. The wattlebirds especially like bathing and splashing about in it. And all the birds that hang-out around here like drinking from it of course.

Have finally got the bird feeder up with wild seed in it for the parrots but they have yet to find it. I missed out on setting it up whilst the noisy lorikeets were daily visiting, eating the gum blossoms, which stopped blooming a while back. I may have to steal a Polly off some stray pirate’s shoulder and prop it up there for encouragement.

I’m loving this moody weather. Today I’m spending my time leisurely perusing the paper, sipping hot cups of tea, putting my 10-disc stereo on random for moody background theme, reading various tomes and gazing out upon the wondrously woolly weather outside. I love how cosy it makes things.

In addition it makes the spectacle of the golfers over the road that much more ridiculous. It’s a pretty silly game as it is, but in this weather? Can they even see where the ball has gone? (Not always a bad thing for me: they occasionally rain down upon my humble abode and I happily collect them for my father.) And the wind gusts must be torturous for their handicaps. But, as I said, it makes for better viewing; they’ve all got their brightly-striped brollies up today which look rather festive amongst the incoming walls of grey misting rain.

And I’m oh so cosy in here! Phones are off the hook and I’m keeping the world at arm’s length as best I can. Currently the melodious and angelic tones of Jeff Buckley are floating about, infusing the cosiness with a sweet serene spirit.

I do hope this weather continues throughout the weekend. It’s in such harmony with my mood; how I’m understanding the world lately. I find it helpful that mother nature isn’t discouraging my reality with lies of blue skies and sunshine.

(Oooh, it’s hailing now! If they get to the size of golf balls my random sporting neighbours may be in some difficulty.)

Current leitmotif: bittersweet melancholia.