Wednesday, 16 January 2008


Am a bit stuck re anything to blog about lately. I apologise.

I could let you know about plants I've bought and put in my garden and all those sorts of things but I think that's pretty dull to most people (anyone else get excited about heliotrope? the flowers smell like vanilla...! anyone? anyone...?).

I could share with you how when listening to the cricket, I get distracted by such remarks as 'he bowled a maiden over' and how they shouldn't expose their stumps: I ponder the absolute truth of this... especially in regard to Shane Warne.

I could tell you about the new gigantic air freshner that's making my home smell beautifully - yet somewhat inexplicably - of jasmine green tea. It's kinda retro. My neighbour's lemon tree was a bit clumsily trimmed. Now if only I can get it to ripen its fruit...

I could tell you how I'm not so interested in my crush anymore. He tends to make disparaging comments about the fairer sex. Tsk.

See? Nothing really of interest.

I could instead tell you of my increasingly abstruse philosophically inclined interior analysis of my self and my life which is not only becoming richer but simultaneously more simple as I learn to analyse less and let go more, and leads to epiphanies of a more practical nature which in turn heads things in a more positive direction which is good, although the letting go of thinking so much part is a little scary as who am I without that!? But it's OK because everything in moderation and all that, and it's good to learn not to take everything to the extreme and relax a bit more, trust yourself and allow life to flow...

So, I could tell you these things, just to get a post written, but I don't think I'll bother you with it...