Thursday, 10 January 2008

For woman's sake!

OK. Yes. It would be great for the US, and many other nations, to have a female president/leader. I am all for this. Hooray. Screaming happily from the rooftop, etc.


To vote for someone just because she is a woman?

No way. No way at all.

The New York Times article I'm referring to above also notes that men were a bit bemused by Hillary Clinton's tearfulness the other day, but women were sympathetic (hence them now changing their minds to vote for her, also because they believe she is experiencing sexist treatment... well yes, sexism exists, good of you to notice, but don't vote for someone just because you feel sorry for them!!). I, unlike these women, was irritated by her teary ploy. She had just received a depressing third; Obama is looking like the winner. So she pulls the teary strategy out of the bag! As a woman this would not make me want to vote for her. Quite the opposite. It shits me actually. What will she do next to get ahead? To get her way? Bat her eyelashes and lift her skirt hem? Giggle in a demure fashion?

I really don't think such ploys assist the cause of feminism whatsoever.

So what do you think? Is it right to vote a woman into the presidency of the United States of America (or at least to run for it) just because she is a woman? because you feel sorry for her? because sexism exists and it shouldn't and the world is just so gosh darn unfair?

Is it silly to think that such an important job ought to be held by someone who is the most capable and suitable?

Sure, make a protest about feminism. Please! But vote based on merit, not sex.

Well... that's my little rant for the day.