Saturday, 10 November 2007

News & nonsense

Is it just me or is the news extra depressing lately? I find I cannot sit through it in recent days; I have to turn it off before I fall to the floor in a foetal ball of soggy sobbing (not always the best of looks).

Neither is this predicament greatly assisted by the tail end - the pointy end? - of the election campaign. I believe 'repetition' may now be more accurately defined as 'brain washing'. How dumb do these pollies think we are? And how dumb does Howard look repeating the same answers to every question? Blah blah interest rates? Not my fault but I can still control them best. (wtf?) Don't forget I'm the best one to steer the economy. Blah blah cost of living? I'm the best one to steer the economy. Blah blah AWAs? I'm the best one to steer the economy. Blah blah your favourite colour? I'm the best to steer the economy.

And they thought Reagan was a robot...

Driving me nuts.

[Smooth segue follows.]

What I'm also thinking is nuts lately, to get away from the dreary news, is past relationships.

Leaving sex aside, what my ex-husband (Hex for short - a particularly apt sobriquet considering his predisposition for presenting a phony persona and his overall commitment to manipulation) and my more Recent ex (Rex for short - no, this doesn't suit him at all) miss the most about me is: my scintillating conversation.

This makes sense re Hex, as he and I were actually able to partake of reasonably interesting tete-a-tetes. Although, he never liked to really debate anything too much (whereas I can do this endlessly) he did at least converse.

Whereas Rex showed great disinterest, even disdain, for most things I tend to discourse upon. This didn't just include personal stuff or speaking of my family and friends, but also anything metaphysical, analytical, profound or even observatory.
Yet, when I spoke to him last night he confessed that my prattling on about such things was what he really missed.
I replied, 'But you always told me to shut up!'
'Yeah, but now I miss it.'

He's trying to tell me that he's changed and learnt. Makes it sound like now he would be interested to hear my thoughts and ideas. Yeah right. Twice now we've had a go at a relationship, and after both he's repeatedly said that he kicks himself every day, really regrets that he didn't do better, didn't appreciate me enough. I gave him another chance last time after he'd said all that, but he still messed up. So I'm clear, very clear, that there's no way he's getting another chance. Friends only from now on.

Plus, the guy I mentioned that I have a wee crush on - who I'm sensibly aware is still likely not up to my newly rather high (or at least 'higher') standards - when, rather innocently and allegedly, sharing his opinion of me said I am interesting to talk to. Must be true eh? Mind you, at least this guy has the sense to realise this without having had a relationship with me - especially one in which he has actually complained of my speaking (re Rex: really, it's just ridiculous*).

* surely my alliteration of the week.