Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Oh most awesum joy!



Seeing this headline a moment ago made me so happy:

Enough Rope: Denton makes Kyle see red

"It's been months in the making and is still two weeks away from going to air, but chat show champion Andrew Denton and shock jock Kyle Sandilands finally faced off in the Enough Rope hot seat on Monday - and fireworks flew."

Here's some of the article:

Following the meticulous interview technique that has made the veteran journalist king of the craft, Denton reportedly left an angry Sandilands "stuck for words" as he probed the FM host about the importance of taking responsibility for his actions.

Fuelling the fire, Denton also played a clip from the 2007 Logie Awards, where comedian Dave Hughes called Sandilands "a massive dickhead".

Denton then asked his guest what he thought of Hughes - to which Sandilands retorted: "I hate him - the next time I see him I'm going to punch him in the throat."

Er, tell me if I'm wrong, but can't that possibly kill someone?

ABC insiders confirmed that Sandilands left the studios in a hurry as soon as filming had finished - which his publicist yesterday attributed to him having to board a plane to travel interstate.

"Denton always gets controversial but Kyle definitely wasn't upset or uncomfortable with the interview - he thought it was great," she said.

Oh, oh!



*holds sides as laughing becomes painful*

Hoo hoo.




His poor, poor publicist.

I mean, did anyone else see his visit on Big Brother? What the woman must have to put up with! Things get the teeniest big tough for this guy or he can't have everything his way and he dummy spits.
As my grandfather would have said, 'He's weak as piss and twice as salty'.

Mark your calendars!!!!! ABC on September 3.

I can't wait!