Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Can't get enough of them strippers now! Oh yeah!

As I seem to be
Davey's sole source of important Oz news topics whilst he's living it up overseas (the rotten sod) I will update the Rudd stripper shenanigans.

1. Rudd's sis-in-law has revealed herself to the world.... well, BrisVegas at least.
Yes, she was an 'exotic dancer' (they keep putting that in inverted commas so I'm guessing they mean a stripper who's not likely exotic* and probably not dancing so much as exposing her biggest organ - - - heh. You've never heard it put that way before have you?

...Have you???)

The effect Mrs Rudd's revelations may have on the opposition leader's approval ratings is unclear, with a new poll showing his lead has continued to increase.

* [UPDATE] Dang. Ben has pointed out that she is exotic. What are the odds eh? She was born in Botswana (I have some beautiful Agate from there) and her lovely exotic name is Okhola. How wrong am I?
Will add here that I have nothing against exotic dancers whether actually exotic or otherwise. I believe one of my fellow bloggers has done so before and I can imagine doing it in my younger years... although, back then I was even
more likely to be giving any man who looked at me the evil eye so I may not have lasted long.
Even today I would consider being one of those dancers who are in those little box rooms in the walls behind glass, wearing awesome underwear, corsets and garters and stockings and such. I like dancing. That would be cool. No one could touch you either.

2. More exciting is that ol' Kev has been revealed as 'rowdy'. Well woo-hoo and yee-ha I say.

Meanwhile, the owner of the Scores strip club in New York has described Mr Rudd's infamous visit, labelling him "rowdy, snotty and uppity".

But not really rowdy, you know, as in actually rowdy at all (apart from the occasional loud "Yeee-hawww" that is)...

Although the venue's owner, Elliot Osher, did not like Mr Rudd's character, he said he did not get into any altercations with staff.

"I looked online and they started putting a lot of baloney reports out there and I'm the owner of the club and I'm there and I'm telling you this guy did not touch a girl, and he was not thrown out, and he acted like a gentleman," Mr Osher told the Courier Mail. "Nobody in the party touched a girl.

But yes, snotty as in snotty, as in snooty (this is sounding like Ferris...).

I must say this is the only point about all these revelations that has quite dismayed me.

"The people he was with, you could tell they had a few drinks, and they were just acting snotty, you know uppity. Like: 'Get me this, get me that'."

Yeah, cause Yanks are renowned for always saying 'please' and 'thank you'! And in polite and quiet tones at that.

3. Not only has he been drunk twice in his life but has been to strip clubs twice. Talk about rowdy!

Mr Rudd has said he only attended a strip club once before, when he was at university.

Yes, and that was only for a supervised field trip... or something... Research paper?

4. Everyone else is wanting to get in on the act seeing as Rudd's popularity is so far going up more than down.

Such as:


Premier John Brumby said his last visit to a strip place would have been in the 1970s when he was a student. "It was probably in Sydney, three decades ago with a group of mates, male and female," he said. "That's the main reason people go to Sydney, isn't it?"

Ms Gratton adds:



Brendan Nelson has done it, when he was 20. Alexander Downer says he has never done it when on official business.


Although he only does it the French way as he prefers places where lasses are exploited in la dee da fashion: "where the exploitation of women is very tasteful" and "Nothing so crass as they have in New York."

Talk about 'snooty'!



Tony Abbott won't talk about whether he's done it, because he doesn't want to fib. And nobody quite dares to ask John Howard whether he's been to a strip club. The

Prime Minister was tight-lipped."I have nothing to say about it," he

5. Glenn Milne is sounding pretty dumb, as per usual.

Re this 'scandal' coming from the Libs., seeing as some had sneakily referred to it in a scary fashion in Parliament and that it has just suddenly been publicly announced only weeks out from an election. You know, obviously just a coincidence.

said: "I won't comment on sources at all except to say … that it was outside political circles, that it was around, so it certainly wasn't placed by the Government."

So if it has been 'around' why bring it up now?

Milne also hinted he believed there was something in claims he reported of Mr Rudd behaving inappropriately. Col Allan has said it was a gentlemen's club and Mr Rudd behaved like a "perfect gentleman". But Milne said Allan had a wicked sense of humour and his words should be looked at closely.

Yeah... Uh huh. Okaaaay.

6. But Bob Brown makes more sense than anyone and has the winning comment.

Greens leader Bob Brown said the issue should be kept in perspective. "Four years ago Kevin Rudd got drunk and took himself into a strip club," ... "Four years ago John Howard, sober, took Australia into the Iraq war. I think the electorate can judge which one did the more harm."

On ya Bob!