Monday, 7 May 2007

I got home and my Voodoo doll was dead

If you’ve heard the joke you’ll realize that I went to the acupuncturist today.

It was rather relaxing this time, not so many pins but much moxibustion and massage, which has resulted in my brain turning to mush and a funny glazed look about me (which, unfortunately, is not unusual).

Of course I had to rush there as I have a tendency to be late. Well, by that I mean I’m usually running late and so drive my car like I stole it and often arrive on time - although somewhat out of breath and dishevelled (a good look for Kate Moss, so why can’t it work for me..?).

I blame it on my inability to stay grounded (the tardiness I mean).

I’ve been told I’m ‘out of my body’ a lot (disappointingly, although I’m obviously in some separate ‘spirit’ world, I have as yet been unable to attain the knack of connecting with the dead – so no travelling round the world making scads of cash entertaining the masses with “Do you know someone who’s name begins with T? Yes, someone in this group of 50 to my left...”). So, if I’m not in my body how can I be responsible for getting it somewhere dense and earthly on time? I mean really.

Anyhoo, my mushy brain and I are going to sprawl upon the couch now and gaze in a stupor upon some drivel of a dvd. Ahh...