Sunday, 1 August 2010

A Mac and a 'Dick' - speaking of romance...

Lost my Apple cherry and oh my god it was gooood.

And! It's still good! Mac has fast actions and lasts all day without needing a charge! I've never had it so awesomely wonderful!

(If only he vibrated.)

Okay, enough with the sexual analogies. Am happy with my new laptop. Am getting used to the Mac ways too (although when I'm really clacking away on a document I keep going to hit CTRL + DEL which instead leads my fingers to hit FN + DEL on this keyboard and so I delete forward instead of backward -- there's only delete on this, no backspace).

It was so easy to set up and use right away, and to click on an icon and have that program up and running in a second or less is really spoiling me. Plus the picture quality is so amazing I've considered how I can use it also as my tv. (A minus for that is photos of me are a little bit too clear, and on a 17" screen it can be a little upsetting if I've just eaten.)

Otherwise, it's true love. Nice to find something worth being besotted with.

Speaking of romance...

Have had a guy after me since I moved down here. Kept him at bay for months, then recently thought I might like some company and finally got back to him with a real phone call instead of a text. He asked me out for a coffee as he has done before - for a coffee or a drink. We didn't arrange anything due to scheduling complexities but, point is...

... it turns out he's got a girlfriend.

For two years now.

And has never told me.

Thank god I don't have any attraction to him or real feelings. What a player.
Jeez, don't have an open Facebook wall if you plan to cheat on your girlfriend.

(Thank you Facebook, oh omniscient one!)