Friday, 16 July 2010

Losing virginity to a fruit Tuesday

Well, my laptop hasn't officially died, so far it just likes to play dead - like a dog who's fallen asleep mid-trick. There is much frustrated tapping, repeatedly, on one key; nothing happening. There is also oft-repeated swearing, occasionally this gets a delayed response of equally terse beeps, but little other action.

But now mamma's spoiling herself. She's gone and bought herself a brand, spankin' MacBook Pro. It be fast. It be powerful. Or so they tell me. And it be 17inch (yeah, heard that before).

There be much excitement and anticipation and a sleepless night as I wondered if I should have spent a whole lot more and got a fixed drive or if 7200rpm will be really fast anyway, so fast my hair will fly back. And was I right to get another glossy screen or would anti-glare have been more practical? And is 17inch really more than I need; more than I can handle? (OK, let's not go there.)

But they tell me now - and I only purchased it last night! - it's on its way, my new baby due to arrive at my door Tuesday! (I wonder: by stork... or apple tree?)

The only concern now is will I know how to drive a Mac! Will it be love or confusion at first sight? How will I move all this useless junk onto it with efficiency and success? And (oh please God) will this be the end of clicking, swearing, frustration with no action (reminds me, must get new batteries for the vibra.... where was I...)?

Any Mac advice appreciated for this it-was-only-an-ipodnano-so-that-doesn't-count Mac virgin.