Saturday, 19 September 2009

ney bor shne neu nuy de schnee! bork! bork! bork!!!

Resting in bed a lot and sharing one's bedroom wall with one's neighbour's,
one hears a lot from said neighbour.
Said neighbour is somewhat special.
This grown woman yells in many voices like a child would...
She seems to feel quite special, most especially, in being noisy
as much as possible
(and often in the wee hours; ah, bless).

The best description I can give you:
it's a bit like living next door to the Swedish chef
if he was an insomniac with a penchant for door slamming.

Actually, it sounds EXACTLY like this:

And if mexican 'lobster bandidos' came over I suspect it would sound EXACTLY like this:

PS - Could the Swedish Chef be gay?

PPS - Did you know you can get Google in Swedish Chef? (Are other programs too.)