Thursday, 24 September 2009

I resent that remark

You know when you've updated some software on your computer and it tells you that you need to restart it but you're in the middle of something and so you click on the "Resart Later" button? You go back to what you were doing and then suddenly, in the centre of your screen appears:

You need to restart your computer. Would you like to do it now?


If I wanted to do it I would do it!

I can think for myself you know!

Who do you think you are?

Who do you think I am that you can push me around like that?

As if I am a total idiot!


What a nerve.

...ha! and guess what? now Blogger's packed up and left me stranded. nothin' happening. great. what is this? you're all in cahoots?!!


you computer-thingamees are much smarter than me.

you're great, i'm not.

you rule the world, i don't. right.

i know my place.

now, can you work?????????


*click click*

* beep*

*click click click click click CLICKKKKKK*