Monday, 17 August 2009


Did anyone else have a sandpit when they were a kid?
I remember ours well and this doll head reminds me of it.
For some reason there was a permanent kewpie doll buried there.
All other toys - the cars I played with (I wasn't much for dolls) -
were put away, but the old doll just got the brunt of the weather
and a lot of isolation and star gazing.
Occasionally she'd unexpectedly pop up as a rather kitsch
speed bump on my extravagant race tracks.
Poor doll.
I wonder if she's still buried under the giant monstrosity of a house that's
there now, that shamefully took all the beauty and memories of my
childhood home and the nooks, shadows and blossoms of the old garden away.
Of course, the sandpit and been a fishpond to start with,
and we filled it in...
so it goes.