Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Macho Propaganda, Russian Style (or... 'Show Us Ya Nipples!')

When he's not tranquilizing tigers he's diving in mini-submarines to attach thingamees to whales. What a handy guy to have around eh?

And, fortunately for the laaay-dies Putin's been camping (for a whole day!) and oh yeah baby, he's putting it out there again! Get ya ruble notes ready!

SMH -- The 56-year-old former president was kitted out in green military fatigues, impenetrable black sunglasses and a green slouch hat. He then posed for a series of photographs driving a motorboat, snapping twigs with his knee, building a fire, fishing off a rock ledge, feeding his horse - still topless - and surging out of a frigid lake.
And, The Times reports:

Mr Putin, who will be 57 in October, showed off a set of rippling arm muscles as he demonstrated his butterfly swimming stroke. The photos will inevitably trigger mass swooning by women all over Russia — as well as unfavourable comparisons of their husbands to Mr Putin’s manly physique. They will also confirm the Russian Prime Minister’s status as a gay icon. ...

During President Obama’s visit to Moscow last month Mr Putin stole the limelight by joining a group of Hell’s Angels-style bikers called the Night Wolves. Dressed in black, he boasted that he had performed a wheelie. [Hmm, I wonder if Brendon Nelson was there....?]

(I think he's trying to tell us something.)

Can I just say, thank God our PM doesn't do this.

'I like my cup of tea............ strong!'