Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Ruminations upon the telly

Firstly, perhaps, I should note that I'm not actually ruminating whilst upon the telly. Although images of me perched precariously astride the summit of a LCD slimline flatscreen might amuse you, I'm afraid it would be a false inferrence. (Plus, my telly is actually of the older gen and a wee bit fatter, so the falsity only increases with knowledge. Shame.)

Anyway, was just pondering that Good News Week (with the most annoying jingle of all tv shows ever created; so freakin' jolly and cheery and... jingle-y) can often be a darn funny show. Even though I would be pleased to meet Paul McDermott only if I could slap him. (And if he were singing... a punch in the throat. Harsh of me I know, but how else does one get him to ever STOP?!!!!!)

So channel 10 is improving it seems.

Especially with the recent ubiquity of the ever avuncular charm of Shaun Micallef. (The man should get a knighthood. I mean, Sir Shaun Micallef just sounds so right.)

And, points again to the station for shedding itself of the itchy burr of Kyle Sandilands. Although, perhaps they should have thought a little sooner of 'protecting the show's image'. Helpfully, channel 10's programming boss has added that "we'd like to think that all families can enjoy the program in front of the TV." Um, so not upon it or anything. He's a bright spark, eh?

Even the 7pm Project improved in it's second week.

I am still unsure as to how much I like this show. I'm not an overly avid viewer at this stage, especially as my favourites are... oh, um, you know, what's-his-face who used to be on Idol but, as he said last night, left to get away from Kyle, only to then have Kyle leave.... You know, the one who's not quite as cute as Andrew G but whose wonderful out of left field humour places him as a far, far lovlier companion. James Mathieson! That's it. And Ruby Rose. (Really. If I were that way inclined I would swoon.) And neither of them are on the show much! They should swap places with the other three. Honestly, I've never really understood the deal with Carrie Bickmore. Hughes can be funny... but only when he gets it wrong usually.

So, what are your own ruminations.... upon my ruminations.... eh?