Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Musical Chairs

How much is Aussie politics like a game of musical chairs lately?
Goodbye Brendon, you move to that seat at the back there. Hello Malcolm, you take his chair and now choose who'll be in the front bench chairs next to you... no, hang on, wait for the music to stop!

In NSW the craziness has continued as a leader (of sorts) has gone too, along with some mates, and their chairs filled by a new lot (oh, but we've changed our mind about the guy dancing in his underwear and 'titty f**king' a female associate - after a mere three days he has no chair at all now... I'm sure he'll find something to dance to though... maybe next budget night... if there's a full moon...).

And there's been a cacophony of music about the place in WA. Carpenter's chair is now one at the back and scary Eric Ripper has taken the leader's seat along with some young newby at his side (after some 'deal' reached between factions... sneaky). And of course both parties have all swapped chairs after the music stopping for about a week whilst the Nationals' leader Grylls hummed quietly to himself, keeping everyone on the edge of whatever seats they could find after the hung parliament.

Back to national politics. Turnbull seems to be aiming at being known less as 'the fierce guy' and more as 'The Giggler' if the 7.30 Report last night was anything to go by.* His technique in interviews will obiously be to laugh at any questions he doesn't like and thereby avoid them entirely (kinda like the Dalai Lama).

(Heh. An obvious comparison, and quite common.)

Another guy having a wee chuckle lately is Peter Costello. Who's a happy chap then, eh? An earlier game of musical chairs had him quickly grabbing one far to the back. A much lesser seat than the big leadership chair, but does it bother him? No! He's never been more popular! By sitting back and grinning he's had the party begging him for months to save them and be leader! But even with this last game of musical chairs he hasn't budged. Instead he's cheerily yakking about his book at every opportunity, and dancing a shifty side-step whenever he's pushed as to whether he'll ever park his behind in The Big Chair... Ever... Never? Maybe? Kinda..? Well... He won't really say (ever, never, maybe...) but he's happy to sit back and see how badly the party does without him at the helm. Ha! They should have saved him a seat earlier on! This'll teach 'em!!!

* Although I think we can keep 'self obsessed' in there. Malcolm does love to hear himself ramble!