Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Sticking to my theme...

ABC news reports:

Rudd dismisses Japan snub claims

At the National Press Club in Tokyo, Mr Rudd was asked why it had taken him more than six months to visit Japan, when he has already visited China, the US, the UK and Indonesia.

Mr Rudd replied, saying John Howard first visited Japan six months after taking office, and seven Australian ministers have already visited Japan this year.

''I can't point to any other country, frankly, which has had such high-level ministerial visits since Day One,'' he said.

"How many Japanese government ministers have been able to visit Australia in the same time? I don't think there are any." Mr Rudd said. Then added, "So

P.S. Regarding Rudd's conversation with PM Fukuda below... He's actually meeting with him tomorrow. I hope he's taken some pointers...!