Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Been a while, so let me get you up to date.

Moving: Grrrr...

Election: Yay!

Noted that-

a) During J Howard's speech his Mrs was telling him what to say and do (as usual). Apparently it all went sour because of his arrogance and because he stopped listening to his advisors and payed attention to Janette re career advice. Which is fair enough really. Not like his job was important or anything. Not like it was going to affect anyone else in their own careers or anything (I actually felt sorry for Costello, yes, I admit it).

b) During K Rudd's speech noted that his Mrs was looking at him with love and respect. Could read her feelings clearly on her face. Was quite lovely to see.

Also. I got quite emotional when J Gillard made her own little speech that evening. Yes, I was teary. But our first female deputy PM! I would say 'woo hoo!' but really, 'it's about bloody time' seems more appropriate.

And the next morning I awoke with a smile on my face and a song playing in my head: "Let's Hear it for the Boy".
Quite irritating, but understandable I suppose...

New Home: Only housewarming gift I've received so far is a packet of Petunia seeds in the mail from BigPond. Am considering actually using them but only if I can manage to look at the furture blooms without thinking of bloody Telstra (wankers).

My Box: (The one that's plugged in that is.*) Surprised myself with swooning over the ABC's (BBC's) Jane Eyre. I believe there was only one or two moments in which I rolled my eyes (as is my usual fashion with romances). Is this what happens when you are single for a year? You become all soppy and daydreamy? Or can I blame the dashing Toby Stephens?

You know, it was driving me nuts for a while trying to figure out who he was reminding me of. I tried to assume it was just some Hugh Grant mannerisms, but the niggle wouldn't leave me.

And, thankfully my brain only came through for me on this once the program had finished...
as it was the foppish Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, BBC's interior design specialist.

Pretty close eh?

* Oh shush with your tittering. I can hear you!