Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Me is high tech now

Broadband finally, finally connected. 512/128k. Yet, although an improvement, it don't seem much faster than dial up! Guess I'll have to wait for Rudd to get his 'bringing Oz into the 21st century' broadband thang happening.

Also have been suffering with no dial up as they terminated it earlier than I asked (obviously setting a date was too complex for them - and so you know, I did this so I wouldn't have to call them again). I said to the helpful person on the other end of the line (after yet again waiting half an hour for a live human) you are very nice but I hope I don't have to deal with your company ever again. And just to think, they're not even Telstra! *shudders*

So you want goss on the new digs eh? Well. It's on a quieter street* *yay* but has noisier neighbours, who are a bit on the odd side, *boo*.

The highlights are shiny new jarrah floors and a large and gorgeous kitchen. A good size for any place but mine is on the small side so it's quite luxurious.

Two lovely outdoor areas, and I again have a fair bit of birdlife around me - although they're still finding the new baths and feeders, you can't imagine how excited I was when I finally saw a wattlebird having an enthusiastic bathe the other day!
And the gardens have established trees and some climbers and balgas ('black boys' for the politically incorrect (would that be Howard?)). But the beds still have a lot of room which I'm quite happy about and am making a list and checking it twice...
Sorry, the ubiquitous Christmas Carols seem to have affected me.
My point is I'm loving thinking about the garden and all the plants I'm going to put in, including what's going to go in the herb garden.
Generally I'm planning on some cottage-type plants as well as some natives like Grevillea for the birds. Oh, and I've some rose bushes which has been nice for filling the house with floral abundance. It's been a while since I had roses, or even my own garden to create. Happy happy joy joy. (Anyone else get happy about such things?)

Oh, and joy of joys I have a bath again! This was particularly useful yesterday: I got home all hot and sweaty and plonked myself into a icy cold bath. As I closed my eyes in shock and soon bliss I sensed a sizzling and a hiss of steam. And it's only the start of summer! But don't fret pets: I have air con. Can't live without that! I'm a delicate bloom you know.

* A street in which people, unless walking a canine, curiously tend to carry bags an awful lot, including suitcases. (And no, I'm nowhere near an airport.)

PS - Can't go without saying YAY! We have a female PM today!!