Thursday, 22 November 2007

Sun sets one last time

Am sitting here watching the sun set over the golf course whilst a mother walks her children through the 'power' sprinklers. They're running round and chasing each other with a few squeals of punctuation.
The world was coloured pink a moment ago, but now it's getting dark with just some orange and yellow tints upon the horizon.

It's my last night staying here so I'm savouring the view, the trees and the birds (would you believe I feel really mean taking their bird bath away from them?). My inclination to admire the view and read some of my book has been greatly enhanced by my dad's help with the packing, as the set top box and aerial are well packed away... and the stereo.

Anyway, this post is just to let you know that I may be kinda unreliable for a while as I don't have phone or broadband set up in the new place yet. Attempted to set up an account today but my phone died before I got to speak to anyone (a half hour on hold will do that...). The other company I rang were that flat out I had to leave a message so they could call me back (yet to happen). Oh, and I rang the gas company today but no one was there except for a recorded lady telling me they were all at training. All. of. them. I offered to keep her company but she hung up on me too. Talk about feeling snubbed!

Hmm. A kookaburra just started laughing...

(Sunset pic from unsanity.)