Friday, 14 December 2007


Devolving: Noticed today that my nail polish perfectly matches my rubies. Impressive eh? I figure now all I need is a sugar daddy.*

Cognitive leitmotifs: For some reason the phrase raison d'etre keeps popping into my head. For about a year now I have had the phrase give me a reason pop into my head too... Guess I'm sticking to the theme but changing the languages.
I suppose next will be motivo vivere...?

Musical rivalries: The butcherbirds seem to be in vocal competition with the mudlarks in my garden. Butcherbirds have a pretty full-on call but mudlarks are rather shrill so it's hard to say who's winning.
They're both wearing the same team colours so I don't think it's too serious.

Swinger: Only a butcherbird seems to have discovered the sunflower seeds so far. He or she picks through them (a vego phase?) and then happily sits in the centre of the feeder hanging from the tree.
Not really what I had in mind but it's progress nonetheless.

Passionate plantings: Have planted some nice shrubs and moved some young Bird of Paradise plants to a more suitable locale. Seedlings I've planted so far are pale lilac petunias, berry coloured verbena and some double white impatiens to brighten up the shady spots.
Am happily planning where the herb garden will go and was ecstatic to recently discover a beautiful mint-scented shrub with purple blooms. I nearly cuddled it with joy but Bunnings was kind of busy at the time.

Next: Am feeling more excited about the coming year than I have in a long time. Perhaps the guy at the pub, who said he was a gypsy and read my palm, was right. New things are on the way. Of course I told him that could be true for anyone.
He later asked me to come back to his place for dinner and 'a video'. I declined and later wondered: what kind of 'video'...

*Yes, this revelation did involve much rolling of the eyes.

(pic of mudlark from here)