Sunday, 16 December 2007

Eight things (meme)

With the ubiquity of this meme at the moment it is no surprise that I've been tagged twice. By The (ever so delightful) Man at the Pub and the always charming Ariel. I believe this means if I want to do 16 answers at any stage I am not only allowed to but actually encouraged to do so.

So here's the meme - with minor adjustments (rebel that I am).

Eight things I'm passionate about:

Nature (birds, animals, flora, oceans, rivers, clouds, sunsets, moon, etc... you get the picture)

Ideas and epiphanies

Thinking and creating

Laughing and relaxing

Health and wellbeing

Words and reading


Time alone

Eight things I want to do before I die:

Complete this meme

Lots more travelling

Find (and maybe even hang onto) a soul mate

Read more

Create more

Be happier with myself and life

Live in the countryside

Live in different places in the world

Eight things I say often:

what's up (and no, not like in 'wassup' combined with some kind of funky ghetto gesticulation)

(And yes, this can actually entail an entire conversation....)

Eight books I've read recently:

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger (thanks Davey) (recommended)

A Simone de Beauviour biography

Something like An Interview with Marilyn: about private talks with her by some guy with the name Weatherbee or something (sorry but I threw it away after, as I wanted to lighten the moving load - helped quite a bit, being a small, lightweight paperback and all...)

Political Ideologies

The Voice of Knowledge by Miguel Ruiz

The Shark Net by Robert Drewe

A couple of books by Kathy Reichs which were recently loaned to me but they're not particularly good (that show Bones is loosely based on them, and her; not particularly good either... although that David guy from Angel is easy on the eyes...)

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini (also recommended)

Eight (16 actually) songs I could listen to over and over:

Beauty Queen;
also Leather - Tori Amos

Had a Dad
- Jane's Addiction (best at full volume)

All or Nothing at All - originally by Sinatra I think but I like Vince Jone's version (although I seem to have lost the cd), [he sung A Song for You live on Kate Ceberano & Friends years ago and it brought me to tears - swoon-worthy stuff]

Change (in the house of flies) - Deftones

Seasons - Chris Cornell...
"sleeping with a full moon blanket, seven feathers for my head"
"...could you crawl into my world and take me worlds away"
Really beautiful and just makes you want to pick up an acoustic and strum away by a campfire or something (no, not like Kum By Ya!)

Pretty much everything off Reading Writing & Arithmetic - The Sundays

Drown - Smashing Pumpkins
so hypnotic and romantic... yes, all eight minutes and seventeen seconds of it, including a minute or two of the best feedback you'll ever hear!
(ignore the amateur images in this vid. I'm just glad I found one with the original song on it.)

On the Bound
- Fiona Apple
dark funky sounds and her growling "you're all I need..."

Extraordinary Machine, so beautifully old fashioned yet unique, "be kind to me, or treat me mean, I'll make the most of it I'm an extraordinary machine";
also with exquisitely old fashioned sounds and lyrics is Waltz (better than fine) - both Fiona Apple
"If you don't have a date, Celebrate, Go out and sit on the lawn and do nothing, 'Cause it's just what you must do and Nobody does it anymore..."

Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley... could be the White Pages, he'd still make me swoon

Down Boy - Yeah Yeah Yeahs (also the theatrics of Rockers to Swallow... she's a bomb that girl)

Let Me Drown
- Soundgarden

Burn - The Cure
from The Crow soundtrack. This song really has one of my favourite intro's.

Eight albums that trigger memories:

You know how some periods and experiences in your life seem to have a soundtrack? Well, I thought I'd add this section to the meme because while thinking of songs for the above I realised I like a lot of albums partly due to the memories they evoke. Plus, I shall be interested to read other bloggers' answers to this too.

The Lion and the Cobra - Sinead O'Connor.
Recalls both happy times and dark. Loved Jackie.

Reading Writing and Arithmetic - The Sundays.
How can you have sad memories with this album? Sweet, sweet, sweet.

Singles (soundtrack) - various.
Two of the songs above (Chris Cornell & Pumpkins) are from this album. I never saw the movie, which apparently is crap, but recall my friends absolutely desperate for the album to come out in 1992 - and rightly so too. All the tunes on it by Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam (two of their best), Soundgarden and the above choices are well worn on my CD.

The Real Thing - Faith No More.
Well, memories... but hazy. Perhaps just more of a general 'vibe' for this one... [UPDATE: Have just recalled that this cassette and The Church's Of Skins and Hearts were accidentally daubed in multi-colours of paint... also recalled that I had to ask "Am I crying?" quite often as my cheeks felt wet... Does this clarify at all?]

Gish - Smashing Pumpkins.
Evokes the same period as Singles. Not that I have the album anymore as it was a copy on cassette. Must purchase it though as I loved their early stuff (Siamese Dream was also played to death).

Mezcal Head - Swervedriver.
Also distorted recall here...

Lost Souls - Doves.
Were a few make-out sessions to this one (actually, *ahem* to a few of these albums, but I don't, you know, want to be repetitive or anything).

The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses.
Dark and hazy memories here. The album saw me through some melancholy days (actually months). Bloody awesome album though. Another one I should find again (where do these lost CDs go to? The Land of Odd Socks??).

Eight movies I've watched close to eight times:

Well, the first couple would be easily eight times (I was very young and obviously less easily bored) but the latter ones only a few viewings.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Know most of the dialogue to this one. ie. "Wake up and smell the coffee Mrs Bueller. It's a fools paradise out there. He is just leading you down the primrose path..."

Dogs in Space - Watched this one to feed my perving habit re Michael Hutchence. It also had the added benefit of discouraging me from trying smack... or adrenalin. I even have the album on vinyl (how else would I be able to impress other bloggers with my knowledge of the band Thrush and the C*nts?).
Healthy (or unhealthy...!) dialogue recall for this one too: "That's not a girl. I've seen girls before, and they don't look like that!"
Oh, and it introduced me to fairy toast... and 'a dog named Laika'.

The first two of The Bourne Trilogy (I don't own them or anything but seem to have watched them an awful lot and never tire of them - I do own Franke Potente's other flick, Run Lola Run however... hmm, that's completely irrelevant isn't it. Oh well.)

Breakfast at Tiffany's...

Roman Holiday...

(yes, I've liked Audrey Hepburn since a wee lass - will also watch most of Kate Hepburn's flicks - not that they're related or anything... oh dear, irrelevant again)

Kill Bill I & II. Mostly the first one but have seen the second a few times too.

Finding Nemo. I saw it twice at the movies and have probably seen it once or twice since. Such a cheering film. "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

Note: Could have added Flashdance from numerous viewings in my youth, but I only watched the dance scenes over and over... fortunately the dialogue didn't do it for me.

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