Friday, 16 November 2007

This could be why he's the Minister for Health

You've likely heard that Tony Abbott has said, yes, workers have much less protection now and the Industrial Relations Commission has much less power but hey, this is still an improvement because there are more jobs available. He said anyone who doesn't like their job should quit cause it's really easy to get a new one.

Really, Kevin can just sit back on his hands lately!

Especially with the revelations that last election the Coalition buttered up their own electorates as well as marginal electorates with some hasty and generous grants. 43 projects were approved, 38 of them in Coalition seats. Also done against departmental advice of course. As 'a long-serving official in the auditor's office told the Herald yesterday: "This is the worst thing I have ever seen."'

Plus a couple of rowdy protesters interrupted a speech of ol' Johnny's today. One man had a scooper - I hope it was a pooper-scooper, how apt - filled with Howard's "non-core promises" which he just loves to break.

Howard did not let this interruption sway him from his hyperbolic rantings however: "Any roll back of our industrial relations reform at this time is a dagger at the heart of our future prosperity."

Oh. *sniff* Someone fetch me a tissue.

PS - Just sent this comment to the Liberal Party via their website: I just love the little Labor heads poking out the side of your website. They're so cute! Especially Julia Gillard, she looks gorgeous.And she does! And so happy! Do you think they were going for cute? Maybe not. But they are! You should have a look. Little Labor Party members poke their heads out on the right hand side (down the bottom). They look much nicer than those stuffy old farts pictured in the header! I mean, uh, not that we're going on looks or anything... *ahem*

PPS - Also some cute (yet ugly) cartoons on the very informative pork-o-meter site (re pork barreling). Although, it is rather unsettling to see piggy-Rudd stick his rotund pig bum up in the air only to be roughly poked by Gillard's perky pink snout. Ew. Oh, and worse! In another one she's actually riding him! Oh deary me. And Costello... well he doesn't look any different - not until Howard kicks a lot of dirt (shit?) onto his face at least...