Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Low expectations (a reality & a request)

Forgive me. I can't manage to write a sensible post at the moment (not implying I ever do of course...). I will be moving house soon and my head is a big jumble of things to do. I greatly dislike moving. It would be fine if you only had to move out; or only had to move in. But having to organise both at the same time is really asking a bit much I feel.

Today, along with trying to organise various other equally dull things, I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out which broadband plan to go with (I'm currently on dial up - - - stop laughing please). After much internet research I eventually called someone. Sixteen minutes of the increasingly irritating song of "Whatever you want, whatever you need" - oh the irony! - intermittently interrupted by a jovial fellow loudly saying "Please stay on the phone!" which was rather helpful actually to ensure I didn't fall asleep. Useful to be awake when a live person actually comes on the line to help you.

At least Rudd seems to have had a good day today - unlike some of WA's politicians. Hooray that he's spending somewhat less than Howard! (Not that it should be particularly difficult.)

Although it would be a bigger surprise if Howard gets back in than if Rudd wins, I think it is still quite likely to happen. Watching Insight last night merely confirmed this. Although a lot of people who usually vote Liberal were considering Labor (or 'Kevin'), most people had yet to make up their minds. One woman was firmly opposed to voting for Rudd as her first impression of him was that his mouth is too small. Bloody insightful us Aussies. Yet where is the coverage of such critical points in the media!? Where are the editorials on lips to chin ratios? Of which politicians have the beadiest eyes, or eyes too close together? Our journalists are failing us! And what about Rudd's support group; his PR people? Why haven't they encouraged lip implants for godssake!