Monday, 5 November 2007

Panties for Peace game!

Remember the Panties for Peace thing? Well Mai has directed me to this game in which you throw panties at Burma's rotten, hideous, crooked, evil junta leader General Than Shwe.


Brutal Burmese Dictators believe contact with women's underwear will sap their powers. Hope they're right? READY...AIM...VOTE!

In support of a recently launched global campaign calling on people to 'fling' women's panties at Burmese embassies around the world, we crafted a 'voting game' where everyone can express their opinion.


Use your mouse to shoot a colourful assortment of underwear at the unsuspecting junta leader General Than Shwe. We're keeping track of all the throws and hits of everyone who plays - so pitch as many panties as you desire, in fact, the more the better!

It's quite funny to listen to him squeal in horror at you pelt him in the head with a plethora of knickers.

Could this have some benefit psychically at least? He's pretty superstitious so here's hoping, fingers crossed, touch wood, throw salt over your shoulder, don't walk under a ladder, etc.

Next I want a game, or maybe a reality tv show challenge, where competitors see who is first to take the junta's power away, their money away and then lock them up! Winner keeps 10% of the loot, giving the rest to the people of Burma. Hurray!!

Cartoon from The Irrawaddy.