Sunday, 19 August 2007

Kev: "Shake what yo mamma gave you, baby!"

I've changed my mind. I'm not voting for Kevin Rudd now. He visited a strip club in New York. Four years ago. Tsk.

Seriously though, such news loses some of its impact when we knew Libs had some dirt on him they were waiting to reveal, and apparently Julia Gillard too (what? she was the stripper!!!?).

Honestly, after the initial hoo-ha most people will surely think to themselves, 'OK. He is presenting himself as the next Prime Minister, quite a big deal yes, but this is all the dirt on him? That's it? That's the best the Libs have got?'

After such ponderings people may next try to picture John Howard in a strip joint...

Hee. Yes, that gave me a good chuckle too.

Of course Johnny wouldn't need to go as I'm certain Jeanette does a regular show for him at home, being the devoted wife and all. She'd be oiling herself up, putting on the heels and garter, feather boa. *cue music*

The minute ya walked in the joint. BAA DA!! I could see you were a man of distinction, real big spender...

*jiggle jiggle*


"Hee hee. Oh Jeanette!"

Sorry. You weren't eating while reading this were you...?


Anyway, a couple of things had me a bit shirty this morning (pun likely subconsciously intended).

1. The Big Sensational News Story was 'broken' by Glenn Milne. Ahem...

2. Glenn Milne is queried about the glass houses aspect on Insiders and says well, he's not running for PM. But then he backs this up with a list of qualities that are important for high-ranking politicians and they were all equally viable qualities for journalists! Why did no one point this out to Mr Milne?!! (I said my piece loudly to the telly but was rudely ignored.)

3. I switch over to Nine to see if Rudd is still being interviewed on Sunday. Catch the end of the interview. Hear that news headlines will be after the ads so wait for them.
News headlines: what Rudd said before the ad break, he'd been to a strip club; show footage of him in studio a few minutes ago; end news headlines. Another tirade aimed at the telly and enforced by a few expletives regarding the quality of Channel Nine reportage and journalistic integrity, and a firm switching off of said telly. (I showed them.)


In some ways this news re Rudd actually confirms his goody-goodyness. He has explained that he was a bit drunk and that it was only for the SECOND TIME in his LIFE! Good grief. How much more straight laced an Aussie male could you ask for? (OK, well, after Johnny... aaand Abbott...)

Anyway. I'm sure he only went there for the ladies renowned (according to the owners) conversational delights:

The SCORES officers Management will ensure that licensee’s of the “SCORES” brand name maintain the highest standards of operation particularly with their performers in the areas of personal appearance and personality as well as the ability to interact intelligently with customers and engage them in meaningful conversation.

Uh huh.