Friday, 6 July 2007

Big Pig - Breakaway (from) 1988 (fashion)

When this song came out I was fourteen and loved it, loved the vid too. I can recall them discussing the making of it on Countdown Revolution. (But good grief, what does the 80's hair look like now?! I never even noticed back then...)

Anyway, last night I casually strolled into a frock shop and was assaulted by a hideous cover of it playing. Horrors! The indecency! (Mind you, BP's is likely a cover for all I know.)

Worse still, I look around and see I am surrounded by my 12 year old self's wardrobe! My discomfort expands as I comprehend that the majority of customers are only wee lasses themselves.

I'm not at all happy about today's fashions. Firstly they make me feel old (and whinging about them is making me feel even older!). Second, are they MAD thinking I will happily wear the same clothes I wore WHEN I WAS 12!!!?

Well, I tut-tutted my way out of there, and a few other more respectable stores too. Tsk, ballooning layering and leggings indeed. Why would I want to look 12 again? I just don't understand... *mutter mutter*

Well, at least Big Pig never had trouble deciding what to wear...