Saturday, 26 May 2007

Nothing like a good compromise

Right, well, got our answer quick enough: Ms Rein is selling up. The Australian arm of her business will be sold before the end of the year.

That should keep things happy in the Rudd household then, eh?

Ms Rein said it had been a difficult decision to sell the company she built from scratch 18 years ago.

But she said the debate about a possible conflict of interest if Labor wins ... had become acute.

“And there is nothing that I want to do which complicates the decision for the Australian people at the next election,” Ms Rein said.

“I have also now become convinced after deep and careful consultation and consideration over many months that it would be perceived to be improper for my company to receive even one dollar from an Australian federal budget if my husband were to be elected prime minister.”

Ms Rein said she would retain her ownership of, and involvement in, her company's international operations.

Ms Rein said she had become deeply concerned about the effect the intense scrutiny was having on her colleagues and staff.

Well, at least she's only selling the Australian part of her business...

Anyhoo... something that I did find just a wee bit unsettling:

“I also wish to make clear that my decision to recommend the sale ...would be implemented whether or not the Australian people elect Kevin as their next prime minister.

Prime Minister... Kevin.


oh dear