Friday, 25 May 2007

Mrs Rudd vs Ms Rein

Does anyone else find all this fuss about Rudd’s Mrs’ business a bit ridiculous?

Mr Rudd has said that he and Ms Rein will discuss the future of her business ownership amid concerns it could lead to conflicts of interest should he become prime minister.

Can’t we see someone’s life-partner as a separate individual?

Would it really be that difficult for her to continue with HER OWN LIFE if he became PM? ‘Mrs Howard PM’ is not actively involved in a role as PM’s wife. So why should a ‘Mrs Rudd PM’ be?

(update) BTW I know the main concern is a conflict of interest with her company receiving government funding and being a major provider of retraining services to the federal Job Network. But, if she’s been receiving federal funding without her husband as PM, then why will anyone be alarmed if she receives it with him as PM?

If anything, Rudd and Rein will probably have to be over-cautious, in order to ensure it doesn’t look like her business is being favoured. In being PM and having family and friends, who are in all sorts of different life- and business-situations, there will always be conflicts of interest.

The reason they may decide to sell the business (or for Rein to resign as managing director) would most likely be because it will (and is) a great target for the Libs to have a go at when they want to ambush Labor’s industrial relations arguments, et cetera.

It is going to be an interesting weekend for them discussing this over their ‘cups of tea’.

I wonder if the potential stresses will be too much and she’ll pull out of her $175 million business? Not sure I would be able to. But then, would I want to put up with all that intense scrutiny upon my professional life?

I believe what it ought to come down to is setting a good example. If Rein decides she will pull out of her business (if/when Rudd becomes PM), she will be making it harder for any future PM’s wife, or husband, to stay in their business. Why not set a precedent? She’s pretty successful, so she surely enjoys a challenge… (end of ranting update… look, I could go on and on, be glad I stopped here)

And how did they manage to twist Rudd’s words into an insult against stay-at-home mums?

"Part of the reality we are dealing with here is this is the age of professional women who run their own companies, who have their own lives and are not simply the appendages of middle aged men," Mr Rudd said.

P.S.... Lib's. There may be hope for you yet:

But Mr Rudd said Mr Dutton was talking through his hat, and denied he was implying Mrs Howard was an appendage.

LOOKSIES! Dutton has a hat!
Does Howard know this?
Has he gots a wabbit too?!!


(wabbit from here)