Saturday, 26 May 2007

I Kid(ney) You Not

Dutch kidney donor reality show:

DUTCH broadcaster BNN plans to air a television show next week in which a terminally ill woman will decide who out of three young patients will get her kidney.

Viewers will be able to advise the 37-year-old woman, known as Lisa, via text messages which of the candidates to pick, the Algemeen Dagblad newspaper said.


Is it just me...? or is this not taking the "reality" show thing just a wee bit too far?

People are getting married this way, becoming a princess or pop star this way, being under house arrest with a bunch of strangers and watched in the shower, losing weight, having extensive plastic surgery to render themselves unrecognisable to their loved ones, putting lives at risk attempting to attain a car license (that they obviously shouldn't have)... so, what next? People choosing which desperately sick individual they will donate a kidney to whilst viewers vote and perspective 'donatees', and said viewers, watch and wait for the person to die?

Viewer: 'Wow, that chick's hot! I'm going to vote that she gets the kidney! Hopefully, this tragically ill woman will choose her and then kark it, so the babe will have the kidney and detach herself from those dialysis machines, and then we can go out!!! ... No!!! Don't vote for the fat chick!'

Apparently... yes.

UPDATE: "despite government calls for the programme to be scrapped" The Big Donorshow will still be aired this Friday. (BTW the Netherlands also created Big Brother.... And yet we invaded Iraq...)