Sunday, 20 May 2007

BadMotor... BetterMotor

I must admit, I was in rather a foul and dark mood yesterday.

And, as I do when in such moods, I pull out ye olde Soundgarden (in this case BadMotorFinger - yes, I am old) and crank it so it feels the drums and bass are playing within my chest cavity and my ears squeal the remainder of the day.

I’m not usually so insulting to my neighbours, but really, you can’t listen to Soundgarden quietly.*

Anyway, Chris Cornell’s vocal emoting is hard to surpass (if only I could be a guy and sing like him! instead of my own soft and timid Tori Amos-type trillings). I must say, however, I do miss the days when he looked like this in vids.

It was of great assistance to my mood to hear Rusty Cage and Slaves & Bulldozers, but let’s face it, Jesus Christ Pose only ever sounds good when you’re driving.

Unfortunately, it was exceedingly more enjoyable in my last car, a sporty little turbo-charged coupe. It's no longer the same in my current (late model, reliable, but very much lacking in personality) sedan.

I have recently been considering going back to something with a bit more style. Some pizzazz.

What I’d really like (but would most likely feel too nauseated by the price to actually go ahead and purchase) is a Nissan 350 Z. Silver with the racing-yellow leather interior and sporty little gearstick. Mmmm.

Or, if I was going to be a good girl and consider the environment – yet maintain a shitload of style – I would go the new Honda SHS.

Oh. Yeah. Baby. Sheez purrty.

To stick with the motor theme, it was actually worth watching some (note: some) of the V8s today. (They’re usually too dull to watch any.) It was wet, and slippery as fack** and they were sliding every which direction. Really, that’s the only car racing worth watching, when there are just as many cars off the track as on; and there’s mud, water and bits of extraordinarily expensive car parts flying everywhere. Without that they’re just the ‘go rounds’ and about as lively as watching golf (or the grass grow… but that’s about the same thing).

Now, what I do watch is MotoGP (which is on tonight). Bikes are exiting cause the guys aren’t sitting inside something and racing, they’re sitting on something (enormously powerful and sexy-sounding) and leaning at very scary angles doing insane speeds. I only watch the GP however, cause the GP has Valentino (Vale) Rossi.

He’s entertaining even when he’s not on the bike.

I also like to keep an eye on our young Aussie boy, Casey Stoner. I feel quite maternal about him. The naughty lad used to have a habit of coming off his bike a bit too often (personally, for me, once would be too often. How his mother must worry!). But now he’s in the GP, and winning cause not only is he rather talented, but this year he’s got an extremely powerful Ducati. Good boy!

UPDATE: Stoner came third, but even better: Chris Vermulen (the other Aussie) came first! Hoorah! He appears to be the nicest guy in GP so this made me very happy. Rossi: at least three errors. (Fack - shall we blame the rain and tyres?)

*Although, when I saw them at the end of a too big Big Day Out they were massively loud. It was so painful I ended up retreating to the back before my organs exploded. And I found I kept on walking. (I stopped feeling a wuss about this when I heard that metal guy from Triple J walked out on them too, same reason - and he'd have toughened metal ears!)

**How MotoGP racer Valentino Rossi (mischievous little Italian boy) says ‘fuck’. Oh, he’s just so cute.