Thursday, 31 March 2011

Dear neighbours:

I would be immeasurably happy (or, if there is such a device, it might measure ‘really happy’, perhaps even ‘sufficiently gay’ or ‘inappropriately over the moon flat-out deliriously joyful whilst dancing in a leotard with a stuffed bear’) if you would refrain, at the close of a hot day, just as the cooling evening air is approaching with insouciant relief and sweet aromas, from cooking dense, spicy, heavy, putty curries.

In place I would allow summer dinners of fresh fruit salads overwhelmed by fragrant white nectarines and watermelon with a touch of lychee and lime; or jasmine rice with fried banana and kaffir lime foam; custard and orange blossom or rosewater; or Strawberries Romanoff.

Thank you in anticipation of your compliance.