Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Live Audience: Dead Quiet

Ben Elton Live From Planet Earth, Channel Nine’s brand new, 100 per cent hilarious, canny and exhilirating comedy is here.
1. Careful and shrewd, especially where one's own interests are concerned.
What about my interests!

Live from Planet Earth immediately invites the cognitive spluttering of Dead from Planet Earth.
Dead Boring.
Dead Painful.
Wish I was…

You get the idea.

So, having bravely made it to the first ad break, my trembling fingers clutched at the lifesaver of my remote and I promptly switched to the darling ABC1 where the lovable and cerebral warmth of Stephen Fry safely lay.

3. Scots
a. Steady, restrained, and gentle.
b. Snug and quiet.

Watching QI* one could safely immerse oneself in the delightful musings upon decaf tights and custard socks -- the latter only approaching the disturbingly childish "humour" found on Ch.9 once one dwelt on it a bit (and one shouldn't).

*Now in its 8th series. Little hope that "Live" will live that long.