Monday, 8 February 2010

He says he's "the gift that keeps giving"...

...lucky Coalition.

I've read in the Australian that a certain politician is bringing "a desperately needed splash of colour on a dull monochrome stage".
Tony Abbott says this polychromatic politician "answers questions truthfully. He says what's on his mind, and that's a good thing. Sometimes he's going to have to be corrected, because he'll get it wrong." (Who's being truthful now?)
Perhaps these two pollies are close... but, just how close?

Fran Kelly: Has your leader, has Tony Abbott, had a word with you?

Barnaby Joyce (the forthright, polychromatic polly): I talk to Tony all the time. We have a very constructive relationship. Very open relationship. Sounds like it. Not a sexual relationship.


Oh, oh, oh! Block the image from my mind!