Sunday, 14 February 2010

Am I living in the country... or the 1970s?

Well, firstly, on this warm sunny Sunday afternoon, I will note that moving to the country does not move one away from Mr Whippy - or whomever is driving round in slow circles with Greensleeves playing at an annoying volume (ie. any volume at all).

I have also learned that moving to the country includes country tv channels, which includes country advertising. This means I am now under less pressure to text my lover's name to some soulless company or to head to the latest sale at Myer, but I am under more pressure to spray my wheat crop with anti-fungals and to purchase a mega-shed that must essentially, if I understand the ad correctly, be bigger than my neighbour's (enclosing the entire property if needs be). This also includes large boobs and much cleavage being used to encourage the consumer to buy heavy machinery, and the use of a woman's bikini-clad bum to sell some kind of pressure fluids business. Of course this means that fluid, ie. water, must be hosed over the said female's bum in extreme close up, with (and what clever advertising this is) the business name on the bikini bottom.

It's like going back in time. I keep expecting the next program to be Paul Hogan or Benny Hill.

I must say I'm not at all impressed, but maybe I should at least be satisfied the guy didn't use his own hose.