Friday, 30 October 2009

On the move

Awfully sorry for my lack of blogging (although I'm sure no one else is). I've been preoccupied with a) the decision to sell my home, b) the near concrete decision to move to the country, and c) the mess, hassle and stresses of getting my place ready for sale, plus moving to temporary accommodation so the place can always look great for viewing. This last one means I'll have even less opportunity to blog as my access to the internet will be somewhat minimized... and slowed (eek).

I am quite looking forward to the changes coming up. Is exciting and a little bit nerve-wracking to be moving so far away but I am hoping to finally fulfill my dream of living in the countryside, surrounded by trees and the bliss of nature - somewhere with more trees than people! Ideally I will have a modernly-equipped cottage on large parcel of land with verandahs for me to enjoy the beautiful views of greenery (and to spot a killer bushfire before it hits me......). It's unlikely that I'll get this, but I'm going to keep dreaming and aim for as close as I can get. If not the countryside at least in the country town and perhaps within walking distance of the shops, cafes, pub, restaurants and some local artisans.

Anyway, we will see what life brings my way. I aim to dream but also to keep an open mind. Am going to do what feels right. Have realised lately that life is too short. I've had this dream for about a dozen years so I might as well give it a go.

Let me know what you think and what dreams you've chased after or are still planning to... and what is stopping you if you haven't gone after them yet.