Tuesday, 9 June 2009

RECESSION OBSESSION!!! (or: Look at me ignoring that this is my 200th post)

I think there may be some economic troubles about the globe lately.

Just a feeling....

Look. Sorry for the sarcasm but I'm just a wee bit jaded about all this economic crisis, recession, blah, blah, blah talk. I mean, as if it isn't enough hearing about it in every political and business news story, but now it's getting to be the new happening trend. I mean, it's infiltrating every kind of story. We're not only being inundated with advice on how to pinch pennies and go back to cooking the old fashioned and economical way, or to grow your own veggies at home, or even the stories about swapping your clothes with others' so that you all save money (and let's not forget the reuse your reuseables stories). What's really got to me has been how many article or 'news' story headings use the Recession/Economic Crisis as a theme. Has anyone else noticed this? Like it's trendy. And here I have my prime example from the latest Weekend Australian:

Prepare for cutbacks

is the giant headline in the...

...gardening section.

An article on tree pruning.

I just can't take it anymore...