Saturday, 13 December 2008


Well, I will be leaving Perth in a couple of days for a few weeks away so this is just a heads up that my blogging opportunities may be slim. We'll see. Hopefully I'll be back next year at the least and with some more interesting blogging ahead - 'not difficult' I hear you say. ...or is that the voice in my head? you know... the one with the high-pitched whine... Um. Anyway...

Mind you. I'm flying Qantas, so I might just get cracked on the noggin as it drops momentarily in the sky, get sucked out of the side as a piece of fuselage falls away, or explode in a ball of flames. In any of these cases my blog may be quiet for a while.

And while I'm on the subject of safety and flying, can I say that I don't understand the sense in not allowing weapons in one's carry-on luggage. If you want people to be safe from a few terrorists with Stanley blades then let all passengers carry their nail files, scissors, sporks, screwdrivers and machetes on board. That way the terrorists will be outnumbered and overcome by a swarm of tourists, businessmen and cranky travelling toddlers with a cache of savage weaponry in hand. Hence minimal tragedy.

Really. There's just no common sense these days.

Happy holidays all!