Monday, 2 June 2008

Heil Rudd!

I suspect our PM is becoming a bit of a Nazi!

Firstly he's opined that art works he hasn't laid eyes on are "revolting". And said art works (by Australia's third greatest photographer) have been taken away by police as suspected pornography.

When really he would have won a lot more political points if, instead, he started a rumour of the artworks' pornographic and pedophiliac merits.......

And THEN announced that Malcolm Turnbull owns two.

Oh! For shame!

I think, in fact, all pornography should be only legally allowed as art - so at least pedophiles will have to pay a hell of a lot more for it.

Or even better, only public art. That way we can catch all the pedophiles in the art gallery just as they're about to pull out their old fella!

Second, he's working public servants to the bone! And makes no apology for expecting people to "burn the midnight oil".

It seems though that he's just enjoying his mighty power!! (As he did in Queensland government.) He will arrange a meeting with staffers, and then not turn up as they all sit around and wait for him. Also:

"What the public services is angry about is not so much that they're asked to do reports and to spend all night working on them, but once they deliver them to the Prime Minister and other Ministers, nothing happens with them for weeks and weeks and weeks...

"That's what's making them angry - that they give up their nights and then there are no decisions coming from the Government arising from their work."

And our dear little PM's reply? THERE'LL BE MORE!!!! YOU SLACK BUGGERS!!!! As he busily shuffles his (is it 18?) piles of paper about in front of him:

"I understand there's been some criticism around the edges that some public servants are finding the hours a bit much," he said.

"I suppose I've simply got news for the public service - there'll be more.

"This Government was elected with a clear cut mandate, we intend to proceed with that. The work ethic of this government will not decrease, it will increase."

And so what work is he getting done? He's just blathering on back and forth about petrol prices!

Note today's (yes, a bunch of troops came home today, hurrah! maybe he's not quite so much of a Nazi after all...) news:

The Opposition argues that the Government is happy to have issues which divert attention from prices at the bowser.

It says that the spat between the Prime Minister and the public service over working hours and the end of combat operations in Iraq are both distractions from the petrol issue.

When surely the whole petrol thing is a distraction in itself!!!!

Opposition MPs say they will continue to question the Government in Parliament this week about what it can do about rising petrol prices.

Oh great. So Rudd's going to have to work even harder at not getting any work done cause they're still going on about this petrol nonsense just so Nelson can show he can raise his voice and go red in the face with the best of them. "I HAVE CAJONES TOO!" he'll scream.

But, and here's my third point, he has made time to tell all his staff, office and household, they have to take down their Facebook pages.


Pot... kettle... black:

Rudd has too many web friends
Posted Mon Aug 13, 2007 3:42pm AEST

Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd's popularity in cyberspace is continuing to rise.

Mr Rudd recently joined Facebook, a popular social networking website similar to My Space, where people can join and become friends with others online.

A note on Mr Rudd's site says he now has reached Facebook's cap of 5,000 friends.

It says the Rudd team is in negotiations with Facebook to increase the cap so they can respond to all the requests to become friends.


Now. If he starts burning books....!!!!!!!!!!