Friday, 27 June 2008

A day at the beach!

I thought it was pretty cool having a horse beach in Perth.

But of course, I didn't realise how many other animals are being excluded! I mean, we have lots of dog beaches in Perth as well, but really we're not going far enough.

Think of all the animals whose beach frolicking needs are being ignored! I mean, many other people would surely like to exercise their pets at the beach!

Lots of people now have pet rabbits...

Their needs should be met too!

(Although, killer rabbits should of course be responsibly restrained.)

And, of course, cats miss out.

It really is disgraceful.

One might like to walk one's pet monkey...

And where are they going to go?!

Even cows enjoy a break away from their everyday routine.

(from Skinnyde)

Don't forget your sunscreen!

Lots of people have pet pigs these days.

Look how happy he is! Surely the pigs of Perth are really not having their needs met.

We're really backwards in Perth. Just so old fashioned! Especially when you think how it could be...

(pic by Michael Poliza)

*sigh* Something really ought to be done.