Wednesday, 30 April 2008


Troy Buswell has been dealing with some difficulties lately. WA’s Liberal Party appears to be in competition with the federal party as they create new definitions for ‘leadership’.

Not only has Mr Buswell had to admit to being drunk and snapping open a woman's bra, plus making sexist remarks against other women in Parliament. Now he has had to deny (13 times in one breath) and then admit to sniffing the chair of a female staffer after a meeting in his office.

It was alleged that Mr Buswell lifted her chair and started sniffing it in front of her after she had finished interviewing a constituent.

He then allegedly repeated the act moments later in front of several Liberal staff members.

“I was just checking to see if the bitch was in heat”, the gentleman explained.

It's understood that the woman had warned Mr Buswell about his pranks before.

On a previous occasion, he had allegedly crawled around on his hands and knees in front of the same woman pretending to be her husband.

Luckily he is well supported by his party's minister for women's interests so that he won't be losing any female votes in the upcoming election:

Shadow women’s interests minister Helen Morton said Mr Buswell, who had recognised his past behaviour was unacceptable, had her full support.

“There is an absolute commitment on behalf of Troy. He has made a huge effort to understand the insensitivities of (that) behaviour and has made a huge forward movement,” she said.

Yes. It is good of her to recognise and explain to voters that a man who has to make a "huge effort" to know that sniffing a woman's chair is at all wrong, really would be making a "huge forward movement".

It will also be a boost for him to hear that the well revered and 'secure' Liberal leader Brendan Nelson has today said: "Mr Buswell enjoys my confidence and my support."

Also, the WA "deputy Liberal leader, Kim Hames, stood by Mr Buswell, while admitting there was no one to replace him."

Really. How much support can a guy take?

Apparently he did it just to get a laugh... He must be so pleased now that he’s (thoroughly) succeeded.