Wednesday, 26 September 2007

On a lighter note

And no, I'm not referring to the ads in India (and soon UK) for Fair and Handsome. I could make light of it *ahem* but really it's a serious issue regarding the power of skin colour within a race and beauty in general society.

But, as my posts of late have been heavy enough, I will not go into all that. Instead I will speak of other ads - and in doing so I encourage you all to whinge to me about what commercials are annoying you lately.

I'm someone who actively avoids most ads. Yes, I'm a flicker. That cliche about men being in charge of the remote has never been true for me -- although, it is a difficult way to be... *sigh* and I'm heartily glad to be living on my own with no whining in the background. I mean good grief, why do you want to sit and watch people try to brainwash you into buying things? (Including their election campaigns...!)

But, sometimes, you can't avoid ads. Even if it's just because you've used the ad break to go to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. You can still hear lines such as this:

"I can't build a solar plant... but use the sun instead of my dryer? I can do that."

What the...?

A plant is bloody solar woman!!!

Jeez. Some people are so dumb...

PS - Regardless of my sarcasm - oh, I'm just so witty! - those ads do annoy me. Well, maybe it's not just the ads, cause living in such a sunny country and never having owned a dryer, I find it extremely irritating to think that people are being lazy and using their dryers all the time. And if people aren't being this stupid and lazy, then the ads annoy me cause they make us all look really dumb! And, it's the government, the HOWARD government telling us this?!!!* Er... maybe they could do something for the environment too (ie. some time in the past 11 years)! *takes deep breath* *counts to 10* *makes it 100*

* Please follow that link (coz I couldn't copy the pic).