Sunday, 9 September 2007

If I hear ASPIRATIONAL one more freakin' time...!

After 11 years as leader of our nation John Howard has managed to bring himself up to being... wait for it... aspirational.

Whether it is in regard to nationalism or climate goals (a goal being an aspiration in itself; as noted on Insiders* this morning, they are aspiring to aspirations). He is... aspiring to do... things.


What a guy.

He desires and aims for stuff.

Not up to: "I will..." or:

"We shall..."
yet, but merely:

"We'll consider... and maybe say a few prayers or something... you know, thinking in that general direction and possibly I will look at devoting myself to a commitment to temporarily crossing my fingers... perhaps...".

Or, you know, this could be a positive thing. Howard is finally being honest! We've pinned him as 'tricky' so now he's being really 'clever' and not promising anything at all!

But... such honesty is a bit 'sneaky' don't you think?


* And you know, things are pretty bad for Howard when, for once, I mostly agreed with Andrew Bolt!!!!

PS - My sarcasm appears to be in overdrive lately, forgive me. Politics does this to me.