Friday, 7 September 2007

Do you laugh or cry?

So happy about those millions...

Of course everyone knows about The Chaser boys' prank at APEC yesterday - onya lads!

The convoy of three black cars, decked out to resemble an official Canadian motorcade, came within metres of the hotel where US President George W Bush is staying, before finally being pulled over by authorities.

A source inside the show has told The Daily Telegraph the team never expected to get so far. The skit had been approved by ABC lawyers but was written in the assumption they would be stopped at the first checkpoint.

Instead they were waved through the first on Macquarie St, then a second, which had sniffer dogs, and eventually stopped themselves at Bridge St.

"As they did Chas got out of a car dressed as Osama bin Laden and said something like 'I'm an important world leader why don't I have a seat at the APEC table?'. Apparently that was the first time the police realised it was not authentic and they swooped in and arrested everybody," the source said.

"What happened is not a joke and we we would have preferred it did not happen,'' (state Premier) Mr Iemma said.

I bloody bet they'd rather it didn't happen. How dumb does all that security hoo ha look when 11 people get past security checks with passes that say 'It's pretty obvious this isn't a real pass' and: 'Chaser's War', 'JOKE', 'Insecurity'?

That we're spending $250 million on security and it doesn't even work is the real joke.

Watch out for turkeys Dubya, there's obviously plenty around.