Friday, 31 August 2007

not geek enough

Well, I tried to be all fancy-shmancy and have a lovely fresh new stylish lovely glam template (it was really nice - went well with my sub-header)... but I lost all my links and widgets and bits and pieces. And it wouldn't let me put them back (so guess what I've been doing the past hour).

Pretty template... but stubborn and inflexible - that's what you get when they're free.

Now, I'm sure this would have been fine and I could have, with a bit of html expertise, got everything working again. But as it turns out I'm not geek enough to manage it.

20% Geek
I could barely get that damn icon in here.

Really, at only 20% it's a wonder I have a blog at all.

While I'm on the geek thing I was wondering: Does anyone else use a browser (see, I'm not even sure that is the right term) for reading blogs and such?

I use Google Reader and I find it really handy for letting me know when someone, esp those who might not be regular posters, has a new post.

But I've heard some comments lately on people's blogs - such as, 'I've been checking your blog every day for new posts...' - that makes me think that some people might be even less geek than me! Could this be possible?