Sunday, 15 July 2007

Ducks for lunch

What an awful night I had last night. Could. not. sleep. This suffering of insomnolence was likely assisted by being subconsciously upset about the trials of the characters of the book I'd been reading.
I can't help it.
Surely I'm not the only one so affected by the trials and emotions of characters in books and movies (good ones at least... mind you, King Kong was a terrible film yet I still sobbed at the end - and not just because of my overwhelming gratitude that the whole miserable experience was finally over).

So, today wasn't going so well after such a night. Regardless the sun's shining, the birds singing (Perth weather is forever thumbing its nose at me it seems).

Anyway, just a silly little thing I suppose, but my day only improved once some ducks came to wander about my garden. There were three and they were gorgeous. Being lunchtime - no, I didn't eat them - I threw some scraps of bread out for them.

Following their search for these scraps in the garden they came up to the door and started quacking and grumbling a little. I stood in the doorway throwing them some more bread and watched from inside.

After a while one tilted his head and started a great carry-on, the other two listening intently. One replied with a few hoots and some vigorous nodding, then the three suddenly lifted up and flew away. Leaving me all the happier for their visit.

It's the little things.

[UPDATE: My little ducky-friends returned the next morning and they've seemed to settle-in. Suddenly I have a mild fear they will multiply and I will soon be known as The Duck Lady - my home will be the one with cars slowing and people pointing as they pass, tourists taking photos and visitors having to wade through piles of green duck poo to get to my door...
In addition, the place is being taken over by noisy lorikeets again as the bottlebrush is now blooming. Disappointingly, no parrots as yet have discovered the bird feeder, instead it is being over-run by nervy, bickering doves. 'Eleanor the Bird Lady']