Tuesday, 24 July 2007

2 Cheap Shots & Rudderless Rudd

Well, it looks as though someone didn't enjoy the latest Harry Potter...

ALEXANDER DOWNER, FOREIGN MINISTER: Yeah, I've flicked through it, yeah. I don't think it's much of a book, myself. I'm very disappointed. I thought it might be, might be a little more sort of insightful. I mean, I know there's been a little bit of controversy and media excitement about it, but - look, at the end of the day though, that's, that's fair enough.

What? Johnny's biography? Oh.


And [obligatory PM ribbing], Howard didn't think much of his Perth trip.

[/end cheap shots]


But, more seriously, what's with Rudd lately?

Jeez mate, I plan on voting for you, but you're not making it easy. Could you come up with some original thinking, take a strong and independent stance on a few important issues, and maybe save some trees while you're at it instead of scrounging for votes (funny that Peter Garrett was nowhere to be seen in Tassie, eh)?

John Howard and Kevin Rudd are spending a lot of time these days in furious agreement.

The Labor leader says he supports the Government's position on Tasmanian forests, on Dr Haneef and on Aboriginal affairs intervention.

On the detention of Mohammed Haneef:

KEVIN RUDD, OPPOSITION LEADER: On the action taken by the Immigration Minister, based on the information we're, we support his decision.

M BRISSENDEN: On Tasmania's forests:

KEVIN RUDD: TCFA is the most critical framework for the future. When Mr Howard was here recently he locked in behind it and said that was his framework for the future, to provide certainty for this industry. I am with him 100 per cent of the way.

MB: And on the national emergency in Aboriginal affairs:

KEVIN RUDD: Of course, as you'd be aware Dennis, we the Opposition have provided in principle bipartisan support for those measures.

And ...the Labor-led states are the ones sticking their necks out on what might be considered sensitive political areas.
Peter Beattie today called for a Senate inquiry into the AFP's handling of the Haneef matter, for example.

This is so frustrating!

I'm just hoping he's saving-up all the good stuff for closer to the election. Wanting to make an impact then (please, please, an IMPACT, yes!!). Do you thinks?