Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Survival of the beer guts

This is why I love Australia:

Emergency crews restocking flood affected properties in the Hunter Valley have made a special beer delivery to an isolated pub ahead of tonight's rugby league State of Origin game.

Floodwaters are receding but hundreds of people are still isolated around the township of Hinton.

SES Spokesman Phil Campbell says they are being re-supplied, and today there was a special beer run.

"When we had some room in the boat we could take a few kegs of beer across to the Hinton pub, because of course State of Origin is on tonight, and it's important that we let communities function as normally as possible."

In case you are not familiar with Australian customs, let me explain: in Australia ‘normal’ is frequently synonymous with ‘intoxicated’.

"Too right. Mate, we’ve got our priorities straight. Bloody straight!! …Well, not ‘straight’ exactly… Ah, ya mongrels, strewth, crikey! Youse know what I mean! Oy, your round Johnno!"