Wednesday, 13 June 2007

I've misplaced my art, can you help me find it?

Look darlings, you must get your kitsch right… and - heavens to Betsy! - whatever you do, don't get it wrong!!

Sydney-based Emma Elizabeth Coffey, of Emma Elizabeth Designs, … says. "I think there's a big difference between modern kitsch and vintage kitsch. Modern kitsch can be very sleek and minimal and I like that, while with vintage kitsch . . . well, some people think its uber-cool, but it's actually not."

This seems just fine and dandy: choose stainless steel lime-green-quaffed Elvis statuette over cuckoo-clock suffocated by multitudinous brown suckering sea-shells, indeed yes, I agree wholeheartedly.

But, good God, included in examples of modern kitsch is a gnome side table - essentially, a typically garish gnome with his head morphed into a wee round table top (go to link to see pics).

Well now, I can see her point though. Important to note really when you’re paying $5995 for 'a horse lamp - yes, we're talking about a polyester horse with a shade on its head'.

Now, creative or no... the following people are probably quite happy that their random wanderings about some foreign locale means they are suddenly and inexplicably art.

BERLIN (Reuters) - A Chinese artist will bring 1,001 of his compatriots to Germany to spend months wandering around the city of Kassel as live-exhibits for his entry to a leading modern art show.

Ai WeiWei's "Fairytale" artwork will cost 3.1 million euros ($4.14 million)...

The event artist, 49, attracted his live-exhibits through a post on his blog. Within three days 3,000 people applied and 1,001 picked.

The participants, who will arrive during the course of the exhibition in batches of 200, will stay overnight in a converted factory ... Ai plans to cook for his performers during their stay.

Cool, no? A free trip out of CHINA *and* the artiste will feed 'em!

Wow. If I was wanting to get out of China I'd become an artiste, invite my blogger friends along and call it art too.*

Well, if you're going to spend millions to create art, it might as well be useful and humanitarian while it's at it... don't you agree?

P.S. Whilst I was trying to find a 'kitsch' pic for this post I came across Mr Tylor Kitsch. I'm guessing he'd fit Ms Coffey's standards: Modern kitsch can be very sleek and minimal. (Mmm, indeed!)

* (Where shall we go?)